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Welcome to!

LDS parents can grow their family's testimony in the Gospel
of Jesus Christ with our fun, easy, interactive resources.


“It is my prayer that we will be determined to do better every day to prepare the rising generation.” Henry B. Eyring, Ensign, Nov. 2009

Our free FHE lessons will help you prepare your rising generation!

FHE Lesson:
"I Can Grow My Own Testimony"

Principles: Testimony

Help your children understand the importance of growing their own testimonies using the example of Alma and the Zoramites; a story about growing a garden and growing testimonies; and a delightful activity and treat called “Dirt Cake.” Also included is "The Word is a Seed”sing-a-long.


FHE Lesson:
"Rejoice With Me"

Principles: Mercy and Grace

This lesson, fun activity, and moving video clip use the perfect example of Jesus Christ to help your children understand the importance of reaching out to "lost sheep" by being merciful and gracious and the aroma of fresh baked bread will help your family quickly find the "Lost Sheep," made with Rhodes(TM) frozen dinner rolls, delicious!


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