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Modern Prophets





Video Clip




"Kindness Begins with Me"





George Albert Smith


George Albert Smith's "Creed of Kindness" became his standard to live by for the rest of his life and is a great example of love and kindness and is the foundation for this lesson.

The fun activity and treat will help your children learn howkindness, like a boomerang, is always returned!


"Act Well Thy Part"


Good Actions


David O. McKay


This lesson is a great introduction to the remarkable prophet, David O. McKay. His motto “What E'er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part” is explored with opportunities for each family member to consider ways that their actions can bring them closer to the Savior.


"The Windows of Heaven"




Lorenzo Snow


This lesson is a great introduction to the law of tithing. With opportunities for family members to consider how paying an honest tithe takes both faith and wisdom. Each child will make a "Windows of Heaven" tithing bank to help remind them to always pay the Lord first and He will pour them "...out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it."


"Would Jesus Talk Like That?"


Clean Speech


Gordon B. Hinckley:

A Giant Among Men


The charming video clip of how President Hinckley's mother taught him not to use the Lord's name in vain serves as the backdrop for this lesson. A fun activity, story and yummy-gummy treat in the shape of lips reinforce the importance of always using clean speech.

Featured Lesson!

"I Shall Go On Living"



Eternal Life


Gordon B. Hinckley:

A Giant Among Men


We reflect on the gift of resurrection made possible through the Savior, with memory of the passing of President Gordon B. Hinckley. He testified of the blessings made possible for families and individuals through the temple work of the Restored Church. The lesson, story, activity and easy sugar cookie recipe all help children to better understand and enjoy these blessings.


"I Am Clean"




Joseph F. Smith


It is an old saying that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness." The video clip of Joseph F. Smith's life changing dream, along with a fun, yet compelling activity and treat will help your family understand the importance of being clean in all things.


"Preparing Our Family for Eternal Life"


Eternal Families


Howard W. Hunter


You'll follow President Hinckley's challenge to teach from the talks of conference as you teach this lesson. Learn how families can provide companionship and happiness, help teach correct principles in a loving atmosphere and help prepare for eternal life, while emphasizing how each person can make a difference in creating a happy home.


"This is the Right Place"




Brigham Young


Watch the clip from the video, “Brigham Young" and discuss the covenants the pioneers made and how keeping these same covenants today will help us to be "Pure in Heart." Build and load a covered wagon, while learning how the pioneers sacrificed to help all of the saints journey to Zion.


"Showing Patriotism through Service"





Ezra Taft Benson


Follow President Ezra Taft Benson's example of service to country and church. Spark your children's patriotism through rendering service to your community and then enjoy a refreshing treat of "Patriotic" Strawberries.


"Hear and Obey"




Spencer W. Kimball


Emphasize the importance of following the counsel of our church leaders.

Talk about the blessings that come from obedience.


"Lengthen Your Stride"




Spencer W. Kimball


This lesson is a great introduction to the remarkable prophet, Spencer W. Kimball. His motto “Lengthen Your Stride” is explored, with opportunities for family members to consider ways that they can do just a little more to honor their responsibilities.


"Praise to the Man"




Praise to the Man


The hymn by W.W. Phelps serves as the backdrop for this lesson. A tender story of an eight-year-old on her baptism day and fun musical note treats reinforce the gratitude we can develop for the Prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel.

Church History





Video Clip




"I Know This Church is True"




New York:

The Church Restored


This lesson will teach your children that bearing testimony isn't simply reciting memorized words, but expressing feelings as directed by the Spirit. A touching story, faith building video clip, reverent activity and cute "Bear" cookie, will help their young testimonies to grow and when the time is right they too will be prepared to testify of the truthfulness of the restored gospel.


“Angels May Quote

From It”


Journal Writing


Trek West


Witness the courage of the pioneers as you listen to their journals and watch the video clip, “The Trek West.”


"Handcart Courage”




Handcart Pioneers


Watch a touching segment from the video, “Handcart Pioneers” and discuss the courage we need today to follow the Savior.

Book Of Mormon





Video Clip




"Another Testament of Jesus Christ"


Testimony of Jesus Christ


The Savior in America


Spiritually fill your family by watching the touching video clip of Christ appearing to the Nephites, discussing how the Book of Mormon and the Bible both testify of Jesus Christ and then comparing scripture verses in the meaningful activity. Then have fun filling your tummies with the delicious "Ice Cream Scripture" treat.


"Seek Praiseworthy Media"




The Tree of Life


We should seek Jesus Christ and all praiseworthy things. This lesson uses the symbols of Lehi's dream to teach us about avoiding bad media. A fun activity and treat reinforces the importance of seeking praiseworthy media.


"Be a Latter-day Warrior"




Helaman's Stripling Warriors


This lesson, fun activity and story will teach your children to be
Latter-day warriors, help them find the same kind of courage in their fight against evil that Helaman's stripling warriors had and strive to be obedient to "every word of command..." (Alma 57:21)


"Behold! A Royal Army"




Helaman's Stripling Warriors


Help prepare your family for life's battlefield with this lesson and fun activity. You will not only learn about putting on the "whole armor of God," but your family will also be armed with a melt in your mouth treat.


“What Will Ye that I Should Do?"


Decision Making


The Brother of Jared


Heavenly Father gave us our agency to help us learn to make good decisions. This lesson, story, and activity help children to learn about the importance of using their agency to make wise decisions--and recognize that Heavenly Father will help them when they ask Him. Complete the lesson with a recipe that will help them learn how good making the right decision can be.



“l Will Take the Steps of Repentance"




Abindi and King Noah


Repentance begins by accepting the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This lesson, story, and activity help children to learn the steps of repentance -- and recognize that Jesus is helping their heart change every step of the way. Complete the lesson with a treat to remind us of becoming "white as snow."


“Filling the Earth with the Gospel"


Sharing the Gospel


Mormon and Moroni


This lesson will help you teach from one of President Hinckley's last Conference addresses. The inspiring story, lesson and activity will help "fill" your family with the desire and courage to listen to the spirit and do your part in "Filling the Earth with the Gospel."


“Are We True Believers?"


Testimony of Jesus


Samuel the Lamanite


Discuss the prophecy of the birth of Christ in the Book of Mormon and what it means to be a Christian. Your family will love making a beautiful nativity and talking about gifts you can give to the Savior all year long.


“Step by Step”


Trust in God


Journey to the Promised Land


The clip from “Journey to the Promised Land” is a strong example of Nephi’s trust in God.


“Sweet is the Feeling”




The Conversion of Alma the Younger


Use the clip from “The Conversion of Alma the Younger” to discuss the joy we feel when we repent.


“I Can Gain My Own Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith ”




Joseph Smith Story


A simple story of a young girl and a fun puzzle game with questions help families come to understand and love the Prophet Joseph Smith.


“I Can Grow My Own Testimony”


Testimony of Jesus Christ


Alma and the Zoramites


Help your children understand the importance of developing their own testimonies using the example of Alma and the Zoramites.


“Teach Your Children About the Prophet Joseph Smith”




Joseph Smith Story


Follow President Hinckley’s advice to “teach your children of the Prophet Joseph” by learning interesting facts about Joseph Smith and family.


“Feed My Sheep”


Missionary Work


Ammon: Mission to the Lamanites


Just as Ammon protected King Lamoni’s sheep, we must work to help and protect the Lord’s sheep (Heavenly Father’s children).


"I Will Hold to the Rod "




The Tree of Life


When challenges arise, holding fast to the iron rod, or the word of God will keep us safe and happy.


"I Will Go and Do"




Nephi and the Brass Plates


Use the example of Nephi’s determination to obey the Lord’s command to get the plates of brass to help your family understand the importance of choosing to obey all of God’s commandments.

New Testament





Video Clip




"Until Seventy Times Seven"





Forgive Us Our Debts


Heavenly Father loves us and forgives us as we turn our trust to Him. He invites us to return that graciousness to others as a gift in the same way. This lesson, video clip from "Forgive Us Our Debts" and activity will help your family find the graciousness to forgive others as our Heavenly Father forgives us.


“The Oil of Preparedness"



Second Coming


The Kingdom of Heaven


You can't share your spiritual oil, but this lesson, story, and fun activity will help you teach your little ones how to obtain their own oil so they will be prepared to meet the bridegroom (Jesus Christ) when He comes again.


“Peace, Be Still"



Faith in Jesus Christ


The Miracles of Jesus


The inspiring clip from "The Miracles of Jesus" along with this lesson activity and story of a family who's vacation is threatened by a storm will help your children learn how Jesus Christ will bring us peace if we have faith and are obedient to God's commandments even amidst life's storms.


“Who Am I to Judge Another"


Righteous Judgment


The Righteous Judge


Some scriptures command us not to judge and others instruct us that we should judge. This lesson, video clip and activity will help your family understand that only God makes final, righteous judgements, but we can judge righteously by first focusing on our own heart and actions; while the easy and fun treat serves as a reminder to not judge unrighteously!


“Rejoice With Me"





The Lost is Found


This lesson, fun activity, and moving video clip use the perfect example of Jesus Christ to help your children understand the importance of reaching out to "lost sheep" by being merciful and gracious and the aroma of fresh baked bread will help your family quickly find the "Lost Sheep," made with Rhodes(TM) frozen dinner rolls, delicious!


“Come, Follow Me"


Eternal LIfe

Following Christ


Treasures in Heaven


This lesson, activity and video clip will help your children better understand how following Jesus Christ's admonition to "Come, follow me" can lead them back to our loving Heavenly Father and how this freely offered gift is greater than all the treasures on earth.


"I Believe in Christ"


Faith in Jesus Christ


Lazarus Lives


Teach your children that “the gift of faith at times takes the form of miraculous healings of body and mind. However, faith is usually expressed in the simple trust and calm assurance that God will provide.” The activity, "Frame your life with faith," will serve as a daily reminder that faith brings "a perfect brightness of hope."


“Separate, Yet One in Purpose"




Jesus, Son of God


Are Mormons Christian? Are God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost distinct, separate, immortal beings? This lesson, activity and fun recipe, answers these questions, while strengthening your family's testimonies of the Godhead.


“Behold Thy Mother"


Honoring Mothers


Worthy is the Lamb


Use the perfect example of Jesus Christ to help your family understand the importance of honoring their mother. This lesson, activity and moving video clip will not only teach your children to honor their mother on Mother's Day, but everyday! Included is an easy dinner recipe father and children can make to honor mother with a break!

(It is important for all children to learn to honor their mother. Mothers are encouraged to adapt this lesson in homes where a father does not reside.)


“Go the Second Mile"




The Messiah Comes


When we go the first mile we are doing what is expected of us. This lesson, activity and tasty recipe will help your family explore going the second mile, which is given freely, and discover the joy and happiness that work and service can bring.

Featured Lesson!

“Bread From Heaven"


Eternal Life


Bread From Heaven


The lesson, video clip and meaningful activity will help your family learn ways to nourish their spirits in order to partake of the bread of life and making and partaking of our wholesome "Barley Loaves" recipe will nourish your bodies as well.


"From This Day On"





Saul of Tarsus


Guide your children in making and committing to New Year's Resolutions that help them "from this day on" to live their lives as followers of Jesus Christ; read the story of how one little boy found happiness by keeping his New Year's Resolutions; the easy and savory treat will get your family excited about committing to "turnover" a new leaf in the new year.


"The Admonition of Paul"





The Ministry of Paul


Learn about the similarities between the 'Admonition of Paul" and the "Thirteenth Article of Faith" and the authors who wrote them. A fun activity and recipe will help your children understand the importance of following these two scriptures and enduring to the end as The Apostle Paul and The Prophet Joseph Smith did.


"Priesthood Power"


Spiritual Power



Lord, I Believe


This lesson will help your family better understand how the power of the priesthood and the keys of the priesthood work together to not only bless families, but bestow the gospel ordinances that are essential for us to return to live with Heavenly Father.  


"I Will Be Baptized Like Jesus"





John the Baptist


Help your children cherish their baptism day, while learning about baptism by immersion, the Baptismal Covenant and how we renew these covenants each Sunday. A fun activity on following Christ's example along with a scrumptious treat, are fun ways to help your children understand how we are baptized by immersion, just like Jesus was.


"Did Jesus Really Live Again? "




He Is Risen


Help your children better understand the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Build a mobile as a constant reminder of Heavenly Father's promise of providing us a Savior and then have fun sculpting sepulcher stones from the quick and easy candy recipe.




"Ask, and It Shall be Given You "




The Lord's Prayer


Teach your children how to follow Christ's example of prayer. Use the "Prayer Children" activity to discuss how we should prepare ourselves for prayer and then enjoy making and eating the "Praying Arms" treat!


"He Taketh Away My Sins"




Worthy is the Lamb


Help your children understand the importance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the symbolism of the sacrificial lamb. Have fun decorating cupcakes to look like lambs.


"Prepare for His Return"


Second Coming


Signs of the Times


Join us as we teach about the joys and the truths of the second coming in a way both children and parents can learn and enjoy... and don't miss the yummy lemon chiffon cream treats.


"Love One Another"





The Greatest is the Least


Sing a variety of songs from the Children's Songbook about our Savior's love for his children while weaving valentine hearts for Jesus.


"The Gift of Joy"




The King is Born


This Christmas teach your children about Jesus Christ and His gift of joy and happiness and then share that joy with someone else. Instead of the traditional Gingerbread house your family will delight in making a Gingerbread Nativity, complete with a precious marzipan baby Jesus that can become a treasured family tradition.


"Upon this Rock"




Built Upon the Rock


Teach your family the importance of putting their faith and trust in the Gospel in this lesson about being built upon the rock of our Redeemer "... whereon if men build they cannot fall."


"Listen With Your Heart"




The Parables of Jesus


Use this parable to write your own parable and discuss how parables help us learn. Make Ice Cream Bibles (Ice Cream Sandwiches) and watch the music video “Listen with Your Heart.”


“Welcome Home”


Eternal Life


The Prodigal Son


The video clip from “The Prodigal Son” and the short story of a family member that leaves home provide opportunities to remember the importance of family and the need to forgive and support each other.


"Latter-day Good Samaritan"





The Good Samaritan


We can all be a “good Samaritan” by finding ways to serve others.






Video Clip




“I Will Be With Thee"


God's Mercy and Grace/Obedience




The video clip from “Moses” is a great example of the LORD's willingness to help His children accomplish His plan, even in their weaknesses. Explore God's mercy and Grace with a short story and fun activity, “The Burning Bush.” Also included is a fun and easy recipe for No Bake "Burning Bush" cookies.


“Trust in God and His Prophet "


Trust in God




The video clip of Elisha and Naaman is a great example of how pride can keep us from receiving the blessing the Lord has to give, yet if we humble ourselves and trust in Him, He will pour out His Spirit upon us. The activity and story emphasizes how faith & trust in the Lord and His prophets will bless our lives. Complete the lesson with a wonderful recipe that will remind you that "The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.” (Psalms 28:7.)


“Give Me Wisdom"






True wisdom comes from God. The video clip of Solomon asking for God's help is a great example of how seeking after wisdom and knowledge is pleasing to the Lord, while the fun activity emphasizes that the real jewels in life are the things that are eternal. Complete the lesson by strengthening your family's ability for gaining wisdom with the delightfully simple waffle cookie recipe.


“Modern-Day Goliaths"


Being True



David and Goliaths


The video clip from “David and Goliath" is a great example of David’s great faith in the Lord. This lesson, short story and fun activity will explore the idea of overcoming modern-day Goliaths; Also included is a quick and fun recipe your famiy will enjoy slinging into their mouths.


“Come What May, and Love It"



Enduring Well


Joseph In Egypt


As part of Heavenly Father's plan, we all must experience adversity during our lifetime, but how we react to adversity will bring us happiness or misery. This lesson, activity and story will help teach your family how to react to adversity in a positive way, while emphasizing that Heavenly Father compensates us when we endure well.


“Thy Servant Heareth"


Listening to the Spirit

Personal Revelation




When we listen to the Spirit we are receiving personal revelation. Samuel was just a boy when the Lord spoke to him. Do your children recognize the Spirit when the Lord speaks to them?

This heart warming video clip, lesson, activity and fun treat will help your children learn to recognize and listen to the still small voice.


“Follow the Prophet"



Following the Prophet


Noah Build an Ark


God speaks to His people through prophets. This lesson will help prepare your children to better understand the importance of listening to Conference and following the Prophet.


“Am I Willing to Serve?"






Our willingness to help, and the graciousness to give come from a heart filled with love for our Heavenly Father. This lesson, story, activity and treat will help children learn how they can show their love for Heavenly Father by serving others.


."Obedience and Sacrifice"


Obedience Sacrifice


Abraham and Isaac


Teach your children that, like Abraham & Isaac and Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ, obedience requires sacrifice, yet unlike sacrifice of old, today we sacrifice our time and means by giving up something to help someone else. The fun activity; story; and recipe will help children find their own ways to sacrifice for others.


"Forgiveness Brings Earthly & Heavenly Rewards"




Joseph's Reunion


Teach your children how the atonement of Jesus Christ will heal our souls, while bringing us earthly and heavenly rewards, when we follow Joseph's great example of forgiveness.


"Children Honor & Obey Your Parents"



Honoring Parents




Help your children understand the importance of keeping the fifth commandment through Esther's example and a fun matching game and traditional Jewish recipe.


"Trust in God No Matter What"


Trust in God




Emphasize the importance of trusting in God no matter what circumstances you face.

Talk about learning to trust in God while in your youth.


“Be a Loyal Servant”






The video clip from “Ruth” is a great example of Ruth’s great loyalty to her mother-in-law.

Hero Classics





Video Clip




"Stand Up and Lead Out"





Joan of Arc


Emphasize what sacrifice and commitment meant for Joan of Arc and Joseph Smith.

Talk about what it means for us to have allegiance to God and stand up for our beliefs.


"The Privilege of Worshiping"


Religious Freedom

Free Agency




The video clip from Maccabees and the lesson will help your children understand what it means to have the freedom to worship God as we choose, while the activity, story and fun treat emphasizes the importance of using our opportunities to vote even when we are young in order to maintain our freedoms.


"I Am Thankful For...


Gratitude and Thankfulness


HC: William Bradford


Make this Thanksgiving truly meaningful as you watch a clip of the first Thanksgiving and discuss what you are thankful for and how we should always show our gratitude to Heavenly Father and others. The fun Thankful Turkey activity and treat are a great way to help your children express what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving day and everyday.


"Blessed Are the Peacemakers"




HC: Pocahontas


Commemorate Native American Day with this inspiring lesson featuring a video clip of bravery shown by the great PEACEMAKER Pocahontas from the Animated Hero Classic series. Your family will be blessed as they,also, strive to be peacemakers. The paper weaving activity and authentic "Native American" pudding are sure to make this a fun time for all!


"I Think the World is Glorious"




HC: Helen Keller


Do we take the time to really see and hear the things that are good that God created for us? Helen Keller's gratitude for the goodness of God's creations in spite of her disabilities will open up your families eyes and ears to the wonders of this glorious world Heavenly Father created for us.



"Labor with Your Might"




HC: Benjamin Franklin


The cute video clip of Benjamin Franklin, a man of many hats, is a great example of a person who learned how to work hard. This lesson, fun activity and story of two sisters working together, will help your children learn the importance of gaining good work habits that will help make their adult lives happier and more productive.


"I Believe in Being Honest"




HC: Marco Polo


Honesty is at the heart of at least four of The Ten Commandments. This touching video clip, lesson, activity and story will help your family understand the importance of not becoming trapped by dishonesty, while the fun twist to a traditional Chinese recipe will help them recognize the many blessings that Heavenly Father grants us when we are an honest people.



"Be Strong and of Good Courage




HC: Christopher Columbus


Christopher Columbus had courage to face ridicule in order to pursue his dream. Though he didn't reach India he fulfilled Nephi's vision. Learn how we can find that same courage to keep the commandments. A fun activity and tasty recipe makes this lesson a delightful way to celebrate Columbus Day, too.


"The Joy of Honest Labor"




HC: Marie Curie


Marie Curie's example of honest labor to perform "good works" to make the world a better place will teach your children the joy that comes from honest labor. A fun activity for your family to conduct their own experiment to discover how to make your home a better place and a recipe where everyone helps make a delicious treat reinforces the importance of work.


"Harriet Tubman: Woman of Faith and Courage"




HC: Harriet Tubman


Explore the Underground Railroad while learning about this great woman from history who had the faith and courage to follow God's plan and dared to do right. Your whole family will be "all aboard?" when you make this authentic 1800's southern slave "Jumble Cake" recipe.


"George Washington:
Compassionate Leader"




HC: George Washington


Celebrate George Washington's birthday by watching this powerful video clip that will touch your hearts as you witness the compassion this great leader showed towards the suffering soldiers at Valley Forge.


"Can't Stop Trying"




HC: The Wright Brothers


Emphasize the importance of righteous persistence.


"Living In Thanksgiving Daily"




HC: William Bradford


Make this Thanksgiving truly meaningful as you watch a clip of the first Thanksgiving and discuss ways we can show our gratitude. Feel the warmth of the season as your children put on a simple play while wearing the Pilgrim and Native American headwear they make themselves. Also included is a touching story of a family that travels through the snow on a horse drawn sleigh to grandma's house and a recipe for a realistic looking Turkey Cake.


“For My Freedom”




HC: Abraham Lincoln


Emphasize the importance of political and Spiritual Freedoms.

Visit Israel





Video Clip




“Honor Thy Father"





Last Days in the Life of Jesus Part 2


We learn about honor in the example of Jesus Christ toward the Father. This lesson, activity and yummy treat teaches us how to honor our fathers not only on Father's Day, but everyday.

American History





Video Clip




"A More Perfect Union"





A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation


The patriotic video clip, FHE lesson and activity will help your family learn to more fully appreciate the importance of the freedoms given to American citizens through the U.S. Constitution, an inspired document, written under the divine guidance of the Lord.